Afrofinns Achievements Awards 2021

Date: 20 Nov 2021

Venue: Soummelinna Helsinki
Time: 5.00 pm UTC+2 - 11.30 Pm UTC+2
The annual Afrofinns Achievement Awards gala night celebrates the contribution of the Afrofinns in Finland. By celebrating their achievement, we hope to register our participation as essential to growth and development in Finland. In addition, it will act as a motivation and re-affirmation that we see you and we appreciate you from the society at large. Afrofinns achievement Award will be a recurring recognition platform filled with glamour and finesse. It will aim to consistently promote and celebrate, the enormous talent, accomplishments and significant contributions of people of African descent in Finland. We aim further to encourage out of the box thinking and continuously challenge ourselves to attain even higher goals

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Afofinns Business Contest
Ihanat Kiharat
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