Afrofinns Gala Night 2022

Date: 26th November 2022

Venue: Suomenlinna Helsinki
Time: 17.00 - 23.58



Afrofinns Ry is an independent, nonprofit association. Our core value is to promote diversity, inclusion, cultural development and encourage a proactive civic engagement. We engage members in diverse events, empowering the community towards self-resilience. Our core mission is to elevate, encourage and support more self-reliance within the community.


Towards the development of these objectives, Afrofinns Ry in celebration of the excellence in this community organizes an annual gala night. The aim is to consistently promote and celebrate the enormous talent, accomplishments and significant contributions of people of African descent in Finland. We aim further to encourage, out of the box thinking and continuously challenge ourselves to attain even higher goals.

By celebrating their achievements, we hope to register our participation as essential to growth and development in Finland. In addition, it will act as a motivation and re-affirmation that we see you and we appreciate you.


This year we have the utmost honor to be joined by the most Italian of the African owned restaurants in Finland Nomad Food and Wine and by its chef Paco N´diaye. Nomadic cuisine is a food-lover’s journey - it’s storytelling on a plate. Paco N´diaye combines the techniques and philosophy of Italian cuisine with African flavors and Nordic influences, respecting his rich culinary past and love for food.

The dinner will cost 65€ per person. By paying for your dinner you will be supporting Nomad Food and Wine, and also ensuring the continuation of this gala night as a tradition. Please find attached, a copy of the menu by Nomad Food and Wine. All information on how to get to the location will be made available late October.

The Team

Elvis fuamba: Event Coordinator
Chrispin Kinabo: Event Coordinator
Lucy Odekhiran: Venue Coordinator
Liz Ndegwa: Program Coordinator
Neo Obinwa: Venue Coordinator
Ciku Ndegwa: Program Coordinator
Party Ruanda: Program Coordinator
Diallo Alimou: Hospitality Coordinator
Paula Kangas: Marketing and Merchandising Coordinator
Ricahrd Dean: Marketing and Merchandising Coordinator
Annabella Koskinen: Program Coordinator
Enoch Gyasi: Program/Hospitality Coordinator
Monica Suarez: Consulting-Banding
Neelson Fuamba: IT
The Awards

The Gala night will be highlighted by the presentation of 13 individual awards to members of the community selected by our board and a few other partners. These individuals have demonstrated competence and leadership in their respective fields.


The 13 individual awards are represented in the following categories:

1. Youth Achievement
2. Community leadership
3. Friends of Africa ward
4. Career
5. Performing arts
6. Sports
7. Literary Award
8. Visual arts
9. Entertainment
10. Social media influencer
11. Media
12. Academics
13. Life time Achievement

Venues Access

HSL ferries are part of the public transport system, and they connect the fortress with the mainland on all days of the year, with services from early morning to late at night. The duration of the journey is about 15 minutes, and tickets are available from the ticket vending machine on the quay side or the HSL application. The ferry departs from the Kauppatori Market Square and arrives at the main quay of Suomenlinna.

Port of Departure to all Guests

The Kauppatori Market Square is the only quay that operates to Suomenlinna on the weekend. The last boat from Suomenlinna to Helsinki leaves at 2:00 am.

We advance that all guests must leave the venue after the event between 00:00 to 1:00am. The venue must be emptied and all people must be out by 1.45 as the alarm will go on at 2 a.m.

All guests must have a valid ticket to use the ferry to and from Suomenlinna. Helsinki monthly ticket, one-day ticket (8€), or a single ticket which last for an hour (2,80€) can be used at the ferry.

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