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As assumptions about our society models are overturned, the local balance of power continues to fray, and scientific and technological breakthroughs promise to transform our economies and society, the unique platform provided by Afrofinns helps our members to prepare for exponentially disruptive change and to find their place in an ever changing society.
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Afrofinns Gala Night
Afrofinns achievement Award is a recurring recognition platform filled with glamour and finesse. We want to promote and celebrate the enormous talent, accomplishments and significant contributions of people of African descent in Finland. We aim further to encourage out of the box thinking and continuously challenge ourselves to attain even higher goals.
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Ihanat Kiharat
Our goal is for people to recognize that the multicultural experience is very much the path for everyone. What we want to say is, we really are all part of the same story, and our kids or us as parent don't have to be ashamed or invisible or feel lonely in this experience.
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Afrofinns Business Contest
Our objective is to develop a global network of support organizations, corporate and governmental institutions that want to make an impact. Together with them, create the perfect platform for exposure, funding, and mentorship to support Business ideas in our community.
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