Afro Daddy Finland is a private group set up on facebook for fathers of black or biracial/multi ethnic children, who would like to chat , support ,have a laugh and get hints and tips off other fathers who are also raising black or biracial/multi ethnic children. Come & Join us and show off and tell stories of your gorgeous children. Ask other Fathers you know who may also like to be part of this friendly group.


Our mission is to create a community where dads can get the information they’ll need to be the best parents they can be – while having a bit of a laugh along the way.
Any member can bring up topics related to raising black or biracial/multi ethnic children, and other member are invited to post comment. We will also provide links to activities you can do with your children in your respective cities in Finland.

The rules are as follows:
1 NO WOMEN!!! 🙂
2 No Racism
3 No Discrimination
4 No leaving negative comments about the group.
5 No Negative topics of your opinions on Finnish girls or Finnish society, they are banded topics
6 No complaining about leaving, no need for drama just leave
7 No posts on racism that other people have posted
8 No Spreading Rumors/Bullying
9 No post on child abuse it’s not nice and no wants to see it
10 No screen shotting posts or sharing posts from the group
11 No go fund me pages
12 No Isolation -We All Speak Nicely Here.
Tag admins if you find a post that’s causing a problem
Result In Any Of These Will Have You Banned Permanently!
This Group Is Private – Please Add Fathers You Know Who Will Enjoy This Group xx
Enjoy & Any Problems Just Contact Me By Message x Elvis Fuamba x

Our Aim Is To Make This Group Full Of Even and option for Fathers to be the best they can be.
Ladies even thou you are not allow in this group, we kindly ask you to invite or tell your your father, husband, boy friend, baby daddy , friend about this group. Thank you 🙂

Joint Afro Daddy Finland  


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  1. Afrofinns says:

    Hello everyone feel free to leave a comment here!


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