Ihanat Kiharat 2019

Children make up a substantial number of the Afrofinns population and deal with issues in their families, schools and within society.
Afrofinns Team in Tampere is hosting an event from 12:00- 16:30 on May 4 at the Tampereen monotoimitalo 13 to highlight how Afrofinns children are “Caught Between Two Worlds” and how we as parent can deal with that. When to start talking about identity with the kids, how to support our children etc…
This event isn’t just for people who consider themselves of mixed descent or African descent. It not about “mixed or African pride,” and one of our biggest fear is when people ask if they’re allowed at the event even if they’re not mixed-race.
Our greatest goal is for people to recognize that the multiracial experience is very much the path for our children and us. What we want to say is, we really are all part of the same story, and our kids or us as parent don’t have to be ashamed or invisible or feel lonely in this experience. The event is about having a space to say, I’m connected to this person who you don’t even think I’m connected to, I am connected to this society.
This year’s attendees included families of transracial adoption, the children of African immigrants, expert who are working to understand the multiracial path for this society, folks who live in racially diverse families, folks who don’t. The theme for this year will be DIVERSITY and EDUCATION, and of course we will have a workshops on hair, item from Africa to buy or sale, food and a happy atmosphere. Welcome to the 2019 Ihanat kiharat.

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