Eunice Favour

Eunice Ego Mgbeahuruike 

Eunice is the first African Female to have obtained PHD in pharmacology from the faculty of pharmacy of the University of Helsinki. Eunice Published five journal articles in reputable journals during her studies on ” African medicinal plants as sources of antimicrobial lead compounds”


Elizabeth Agbor Eta  is a Cameroonian living in Turku, Finland. She obtained her PhD in Educational Sciences from the University of Turku in 2018. Her doctoral dissertation, which focused on the adoption and adaptation of a European reform in the Cameroonian higher education system, was awarded the grade excellent. The dissertation was also awarded best doctoral dissertation in education in 2018 in Finland by the Finnish Association of educational research (FERA). Dr. Eta has more than ten publications, consisting of journal articles and book chapters in reputable journals in Education. She is currently a senior researcher at the Faculty of Education, University of Turku.

Bilola Theresa

Bilola Theresia (Dr) is an Cameroonian born Turku resident. She holds a PhD in Higher Education Policy. She moved to Finland in 2006 where she studied for a Masters degree sponsored by the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Her study time saw her studying in the University of Oslo, Norway; University of Aveiro, Portugal and University of Tampere Finland. During her study time till present she serves as the country representative for Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni from Cameroon. In this role she provides guidance and orientation to aspiring and current Erasmus Mundus students. After completing her Masters Theresia was granted Academy of Finland funding to pursue doctoral studies which she completed in 2015 with a dissertation the designing a policy framework for strategy implementation in higher education. In addition to her dissertation, Theresia
has authored several publications, amongs which book chapters and journal articles. More on these can be found on her LinkedIn page.
Post PhD Theresia has served as partnerships manager for the Erasmus Mundus student and Alumni Association (EMA) ( In this role she initiated and concluded partnerships between EMA and universities, NGOs, business organisations. Theresia has also worked as an independent higher education policy consultant from 2013-2018.
With the motivation to be able to link research with real life issues and make immediately visible impact Theresia became interested in climate change awareness. This led to her being selected from a pool of 4000 applicants to work at the secretariat of the 23rd Edition of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP23 in Bonn.
Upon her reaturn, Theresia began cooperation with the city of Turku on how to increase resident’s awareness on climate change and how their daily lifestyle choices are related to climate change.
During 2017- 2018, she further developed her skills and networks by participating in the Climate KIC pioneers into innvation for climate change funded by the the European Institute for Technology. In this project she joined a group of pioneers from different countries in workshops, work and site visits where innovative climate businesses where developed and implemented. As part of the project, her group worked on directing consumer patterns of Helsingin Energia’s costumers towards more climate friendly consumption. She was also priviledged to be one of the two from her group to be chosen to attend the Climate Launchpad, the world’s largest green business ideas competition in Edinburgh.
Theresia is currently working with the City of Turku’s Development Group as part of the climate team. In her role as a project officer she works in projects related to Turku’s goal of becoming climate neutral by 2029 and climate positive there onwards. Turku turns 800 in 2029 and what better gift than have zero emission, zero waste, zero over consumption and an economy that is more circular than linear.
As a mother, Theresia is inspired by the past and the future. Theresia’s motivation to preserve the environment is borne from a place of making sure that the knowledge on climate change she did not get can be present for this generation and for the future that she sees when she looks into the eyes of her children. Theresia is motivated by the fact that changing the world and making it better stars from each one of us. One climate action at a time and the future will be preserved. It starts with you, right where you are!

3Anthony Okuogume

He has many years of academic and consulting experience has held expert positions in several European ICT, SMEs, and startups development projects, as well as experience in small business development across Europe. Anthony is also an innovation coach, a recognized expert on customer experience management and, has co-founded many companies over the years. More so, he is a software entrepreneur and the co-founder of and the creator of Entre-path, IntresTCEM, and BIZkit-chen.