Afro Inspired Music

DK Balafu

DK Balafu . He started years ago but he considering this 2019 to be his officially starting year. And he has been putting song after song as every month a song and video. You can check his Instagram page and through his bio you will be able to watch his music videos. He got style and he can fit to any beat. 

Kaveri Special

Kaveri Special as a band has introduced their irresistible afropop grooves to these cold and wintery latitudes since 2012. Furthermore, playing soukous is a nice way to keep your fingers warm. 

“Our influences include 70’s and 80’s afrobeat, soukous, high life, West African guitars and rhythms, afro/ethno pop, rock, ska and reggae”. 

During the recordings of the first LP, percussionist Felix Adje of Benin and singer/percussionist Ike Chime of Nigeria joined the fun. Kaveri Special’s hot sound has not only been welcomed in Finland, but also in other Nordic countries, Europe and across the seas via blogs, radio stations and mixtapes.

Blaq boy Jr

Alfred   to Finland in 2015 to further his studies, and did not let academia  his passion for music. He caught the attention of most Africans and later Europeans developed a love  for his musical eloquence, skill, delivery and flow. He has Performed for kids, teenagers, youth and adults and  believes in making the best out of situations. He views music and dance as integral components of his personality. Thus, the sum total of his drive to entertain anyone  within his domain..He has performed on several occasions in Espoo, Helsinki, Vaasa, Seinajoki and Tampere.Sofy Kap

Sofy  KAP  shined  in 2019 with her amazing voice  both locally and internationally.  It is difficult to think of any past Afro event that didn’t include Sofy Kap! She clearly lead the way when it comes to AFrican inspired music.  Sofy is also a strong business woman and wonderful mother of 5 girls.