Ally of Africa


Christian Thibault is CEO of Liikkukaa-Sport for all

a sports oriented association based in Finland. Liikkukaa aims to provide and increase opportunities for physical exercise and sporting activities for immigrants and persons of immigrant descent.

Christian is a strong communicate advocate and supporter of the African community. He involved in the fight against racism, discrimination and supports most of the African immigrant associations.

Rasmus ry

RASMUS – Racism and Xenophobia Association is a nationwide network of actors fighting against racism and xenophobia. Rasmus was founded in 2002 and registered in 2011. It serves as a monitoring agency on societal issues related to racism, multiculturalism, promoting education and tolerance training for influencing decision-makers as well as change agents, by  appropriately reporting racist incidents to authorities.

In 2019 Rasmus ry coordinated “hyvä puhe” a huge anti-racist campaign.

The work of Rasmus involves Afrofinns, who are the greatest beneficiaries of such campaigns.

Eerik Wissenz

Eerik is 34 years old and he is dedicating his entire live to provide access to clean energy to the most vulnerable populations, mainly in East Africa. The technology he created is simple, efficient (can reach 350°C), you can run a business with it, all the materials are local and users can fix it. Already about 100 people are using it in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda., not mentioning other countries. With passion, Eerik is leading his team to change the world, protect vulnerable populations from climate change impact and make their voice count. It has been tough in Finland because Finns but he made it, we made it.


The Afrojazz Club offers a venue where Afrobeat and world music lovers can connect in a groovy multicultural setting. Top live bands in Finland in the fields of e.g. Afrobeat, afrofunk, jazz, afromix and traditional popular music from Africa awaken all your senses with their irresistible rhythms. Afrojazz Club offers also a pre-gig talk of a current topic in the society according to club´s values, e.g. equality, diversity, environment.

The summer festival event for the whole family ”Afrojazz Club goes Alppipuisto” in Helsinki combines live-music, dance, African food, bazaar and art and music workshops. It´s part of Alppipuiston Kesä event series and enriches the cultural life of the city of Helsinki.