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My name is Vivian Edem Agbekey-Taylor and I have a passion for natural and organic skin and hair care products. I moved to Finland from Ghana in 2005 as a qualified automobile engineer. Ever since 2006, when I took my first steps as an entrepreneur and employer, rather than an employee, I have loved developing, making and supplying organic handmade products to many eko and natural  shops throughout Finland. Amongst my retailers are Kesko, Ruohonjuuri oy, Life, Luonnontuntijat, NaturaZone, Sinun apteekki, and many more. My story and products have been featured in a number of periodicals – Me Naiset, Kodin kuvalehti, Olivia, Maailman kuvalehti, Sielun peili, Helsinki Times, Eiran lehti, and I was also on the cover of Yrittäjänainen in 2010. My shea butter, African black soap, peeling cream and lip balms have all been awarded best products in Me Naiset and Helsinki Times. I also support and empower 65 widows and ophans in my home country by giving them work instead of charity, because for a very long time charity has not worked for us. Each year I try to develop new and unique products to solve a specific problem. I also love visiting old peoples’ homes to give them a massage every now and then, when I have time.



Kingsley  Ify

Founder and CEO of Springboard Afro-Nordic Business platform

 I’m passionate about promoting business bonds between the Nordics and Africa. My current role involves working with startups, institutional players and businesses – both private and public – to facilitate future Afro-Nordic business ventures.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I spotted a trade deficit between the Nordics and Africa. I therefore see the importance of leveraging trade between the two regions as a way to add long-term value to business development in Africa.

I’m excited about exploring the synergies that exist between the two regions. Part of my mission is to understand why Africa has been so slow to live up to its true potential and to do my part to claim its place as an economic powerhouse.

I am a passionate believer in the power of the human mind and its ability to shape our world. I’m eager to provoke, excite and to offer people something new and different to think about. Sometimes I like to challenge common beliefs about how we see ourselves and our value in society. Let’s connect if Africa’s business potential is on your radar!



Reggie At Maria

Reggie Rusan,

CEO and Founder of SimpleTec Solutions with more than 30
years of experience in delivering the full IT stack across several industries and enterprises. Reggie’s diverse technical background, business operations knowledge and customer focus given him a unique perspective on
the true business impact of GDPR. This allows him to help his clients turn
GDPR into a great customer experience and a competitive advantage, the goal of SimpleTec Solutions. Prior to starting SimpleTec Solutions, he worked for companies like KONE, Accenture, EDS, The Shortcut, … Originally from St. Louis Mo. USA, Reggie has also lived in Belgium, UK, and now Finland while having delivery responsibilities in EMEA, APAC, NA, …



Kumah Young Isaac

I work with a food production company, Lagerblad Foods Oy, i introduced a recipe for them, which is a Ghanaian meal, called “kaaklo” made from plantain. They call it roukabanaani phivi on thier website. After landing an agreement with them, they have began mass production and most of the products now can be found in Scandic Hotel, Katanajoka and Radission Blue Hotel in Hakaniemi. I did research and a presentation to the company to explain things to them and i believe with this mindset and effort, i feel empowered and in the position to tell every African where ever they find themselves to push what they got from back home in their surroundings. They have to be courageous, Brand it well and have faith that they have what it takes to take the continent higher.