Community Leader


Josephine Atanga is a US Citizen originally from Cameroon. She is an entrepreneur, a song writer, a recording artist, a talk show host, international quest speaker at conferences, and has been CEO of Jehom Driving school from 2014 to present. Jehom is the first and only driving school in Finland founded by a Black woman that helps immigrants living in Finland obtain their driving licenses. Apart from her business, Josephine is also the Founder and President of Women Designed for Success (a.k.a. WODESS), an organization registered in Finland and the US with the purpose of empowering women through various activities, such as charity, education (internship, workshops, business conferences, talk shows, Finnish language courses), cultural integration, food and health, and entertainment. In association with WODESS, Josephine is the Founder and Chief editor of the first multicultural lifestyle hard copy magazine now with Second edition in Finland; WODESS Magazine seeks to educate, empower, and promote the activities and talents of international women residing in Finland. She has trained many students in her office through university internship programs and career opportunities. She has worked with and employed both Finns and foreigners. From 2016 to 2017 this dynamic community leader served as a Board Members of Moniheli; a network organization of more than 100 multicultural associations that seeks to foster collaboration between different organizations and develop diversity and equality in the Finnish society. Josephine is also a registered nurse who got her Nursing degree from Arcada University of Applied Sciences, where she sat on the Student Union Board to represent the international community in the university. Besides her professional experiences, Josephine has always been active in various community services. She is a three times recipient of the US Senatorial Citation for Excellence in Community Services in 2011, 2014 and 2017 in USA. This woman designed for success who wears many hats is the Founder of the prestigious Golden Women Awards, an award that recognizes excellence in career services and the contribution of Finnish and international women in the Finnish society. She recognizes the importance of our African leaders and as such initiated the event Celebrate Nelson Mandela in collaboration of South Africa Embassy in Finland when late President Nelson Mandela died to honored achievements of this great African hero Nelson Mandela after his death. Josephine is the founder and administrator of Foreigners in Finland Facebook group, which has more than 18,000 members; the group’s purpose is to facilitate activities and understanding between Finns and the immigrant community in Finland. She has participated in projects such as SuperSankarit which was organized by UN Women Suomi to celebrate heroic acts of women in less privileged countries. She initiated International and Finnish women CEO Sauna and Dinner with the vision of creating a working relationship between the Finnish women Entrepreneurs and Finnish women as a way of integration.




Good Hair Day (GHD)* is a collective of AfroFinns. Our activities are
led by the for us by us principle, which means that we as AfroFinns define
our own means of representation and are actively involved.

GHD started as an urban event in 2016. Nowadays in addition to the annual
event, GHD has expanded to trainings and working with various projects and organisations*. *GHD aims to increase knowledge in afrohaircare, broadenrepresentations and supports the creation of safer spaces. GHD brings together AfroFinns, strengthening our community and the wellbeing of its members.

One of the main goals of GHD is to empower our AfroFinnish community. In addition our collective supports the creation of a stronger self care
culture, where the individual´s coping mechanism are taken care of. GHD
challenges the existing beauty norms and breaks down negative stereotypes of blackness both within and outside our own community. GHD creates safer spaces for discussions around afro hair- on personal, societal and political levels.



Maryan Abdulkarim

Maryan Abdulkarim is a civic activist from Somalia who moved to Finland at the age of 7. She is a well-known feminist and acts as an active member of the Union of Women in the Union , and his vice president was elected in 2014. Maryan Abdulkarim has been a journalist also in the Tulva magazine published by the organization. He has also worked as an expert in multiculturalism in the Population League  and is one of the founding members of Rasmus ry . In 2016, he was involved in establishing a Feminist Party .

She grew up in Tampere , Abdulkarim graduated as a baker-confectioner from the Helsinki service sector education institute in 2004. Since then, she studied sosiology studies at the Polytechnic of Metropolia where she graduated as a sosiomonie. Abdulkarim and Eveliina Talvitie published a book about 10 myths about feminism in 2018. 


My name is Abdirahim HUSU Hussein. Nick name (HUSU). Am originally from Somalia but have lived 2/3 of my life here in Finland since 1994. Am i
father of 4 (3boys and a princess). I have got my bachelor from university
of Humak in social science (Ngo and youth . work). have worked for YLE from 2013-2016 and work as a junior consultant for Finnish Consulting Group as an expert on getting Finnish S&M companies to do business in Africa. I am the chairman of Finland`s biggest multicultural network Moniheli. ( and have helped in setting up lots of organizations with many immigrant groups. I am passionate about football and plays this 2-3 a week. Am currently a member of the city council of Helsinki and i also candidate for the 2019 parliament elections. As the great Gandhi once said,”You must be the change you want to see in the world” i have always wanted to be part of the change and be the example through my work and dedication.
I am a proud African and a humble black man. My motto in life is “Live as
you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”.