Community Leader

Edwin Ndaki

Edwin Ndaki also is known as Edo with profession social worker and journalist. He has been engaged and committed and participated in foreigners matters as a leader.

Leadership skills.

Co-founder and first General Secretary of Tampere African Sports (TAS)

Co-founder and first Chairperson of East African Sports Social and Culture ry.

Third phases Chairperson of Suomi Tansania Seura (2014-2017). He is now a board member.

He served one year as a Board member of Moniheli ry.

Interim Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of Association of Tanzania Community in Finland (ATF) (year term)

Vice-chairperson of Tanzania Diaspora Global council. The Council represents more than 2 million Tanzanians globally.

Edwin Ndaki received a certificate of appreciation from Moniheli for the big role of bringing awareness of municipal election of the year 2012.

Edwin Ndaki has dedicated his own time to provide support and coordination among his community especially during hard times like funeral etc.

Edwin Ndaki has played a big role in connecting his community and Tanzania authority in different matter and information.

Edwin Ndaki has organized football tournaments intending to bring communities together through sports.

George Matovu

George Matovu, Is one of the founders and actual Chairman Of the sport association called TAS Tampere Africa Sport.

TAS association has become over the years a supporting pillar for your young black people living in Tampere. It has not only a community development part, but it also has a football team in the 5th division. Been the only Afro-football to play in the 5th league in All pirkanmaa and arguably in Finland.

This won’t be possible without the hard work of Mr George Matovu.

Senegale born Sabasy Ndiaye came to Finland Nearly 30 years ago from Senegal and has since become an iconic figure in the youth field in Helsinki.
Sabasy Ndiaye, who recently received the Youth Work Recognition Award, is known by the nickname “Papa”.
Sabasy Ndiaye has been a youth counsellor for almost 20 years.
The Youth Work Recognition Award was awarded to Ndiaye because Ndiaye is an unquestionable youth work professional who works with full heart and solid professionalism day after day. Minister Annika Saarikko presented the award at a national youth work day in Turku. Afrofinns should consider Mr Ndiaye because of these same reasons. Because his youth there is Over half of An African descent.
Good Hair Day Helsinki

Good Hair Day (GHD)* is a collective of AfroFinns. Our activities are

led by the for us by us principle, which means that we as AfroFinns define

our own means of representation and are actively involved.

GHD started as an urban event in 2016. Nowadays in addition to the annual

event, GHD has expanded to training and working with various projects and organisations*. *GHD aims to increase knowledge in afrohaircare, broaden representations and supports the creation of safer spaces. GHD brings together AfroFinns, strengthening our community and the wellbeing of its members.

One of the main goals of GHD is to empower our AfroFinnish community. In addition our collective supports the creation of a stronger self care

culture, where the individual´s coping mechanism are taken care of. GHD

challenges the existing beauty norms and breaks down negative stereotypes of blackness both within and outside our own community. GHD creates safer spaces for discussions around afro hair- on personal, societal and political levels.

The good hair day annual event, 2019 could be considered the most impactful in terms of identity and community reforment, for girls as for boys.

African Fashion week Helsinki
African Fashion week Helsinki

Their mission is to open up the conversation about African fashion in Helsinki. AFFH provide Afrofinns inspired designers and artists alike with a prominent platform to showcase their work. This breathes new life into the Helsinki fashion and design scene and brings awareness of African Fashion designers to the limelight.