Afrofinns Achievement Awards

The Afrofinns Achievement Awards 2019 celebrates the contribution of the Afro-community in Finland.  By celebrating their achievement, we hope to register our participation as essential to growth and development in Finland. In addition, it will act as a motivation and re-affirmation that we see you and we appreciate you from the society at large.

Afrofinns achievement Award will be a recurring recognition platform filled with glamour and finesse. It will aim to consistently promote and celebrate, the enormous talent, accomplishments and significant contributions of people of African descent in Finland.   We aim further to encourage out of the box thinking and continuously challenge ourselves to attain even higher goals.


Afrofinns Achievement Award ceremony will have three selection cycles. The first is a suggestion cycle where community members propose their choice in various categories. we expect 65 nominations. The second cycle will be made up of a judge selection process that will yield 65 nominations. The last cycle will be the winner’s selection; it will be composed of 3 different parts:

A public voting counting for 20%, nominees get from 0 to 20 points maximum.

The Judges selection counting for 50 %, nominees get from 0 to 50 points maximum

The Afrofinns selection counting for 30%, nominees get from 0 to 30 points maximum.

These process will decide the 13 Award winners for the gala night.

Certain minimums and processes will inform about the award and they are discussed below.


In order to be eligible for the African Achievement Awards, nominees must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the day of the event and some portion of the nominee’s activities must have taken place on or before the close of the nomination period.

Judging Criteria

Having been nominated, the nominee (referred below as the applicant) will need to demonstrate certain elements that are largely understood in the following context:

African Achievement Award winners are program founders and/or leading activist/advocates. Their involvement and leadership are integral to the success of their program or cause. As such, the applicant demonstrates that s/he has directly and individually fueled success in his/her work.

The applicant has created great awareness about his/her brand. S/he exhibit excellent communication and creative skills, which they use to motivate and mobilize community members, promote their brand. Further, they have developed relationships with media, government, other not-for-profits, individuals, and funders. Their objective in this shall fit into the aims of the Afrofinns Achievement Award.

The applicant is confident and enthusiastic about being a leader. African achievement Award winners aren’t reluctant heroes. They are confident, honest, and passionate leaders who take on challenges for the greater good.

Management team

We have selected members of our association to lead this project with support from other members and associations, these representatives are ready to discuss this project with you.  They are:

Elvis Fuamba

Project coordinator

Coordinating project schedules, resources, equipment and information

Liaising with partners to identify and define project requirements, scope and objectives

Ensuring that partners’ needs are met as the project evolves

Chrispin Kinabo 

Event Manager

Planning and coordination of the event program and its activities

Ensuring implementation of activities and time table.

Shabba Morgandihnio

Event After party coordinator

Manages all elements of the after party internally and externally. Assessing and meeting the event needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of participants.


In recognition of the need to collaborate with organizations who are aligned with an aim to elevate the voices Afrofinns has partnered with: