The Afrojazz Club offers a venue where Afrobeat and world music lovers can connect in a groovy multicultural setting. Top live bands in Finland in the fields of e.g. Afrobeat, afrofunk, jazz, afromix and traditional popular music from Africa awaken all your senses with their irresistible rhythms. Afrojazz Club offers also a pre-gig talk of a current topic in the society according to club´s values, e.g. equality, diversity, environment.

The summer festival event for the whole family ”Afrojazz Club goes Alppipuisto” in Helsinki combines live-music, dance, African food, bazaar and art and music workshops. It´s part of Alppipuiston Kesä event series and enriches the cultural life of the city of Helsinki.

African Fashion week Helsinki

Their mission is to open up the conversation about African fashion in Helsinki. AFFH provide Afrofinns inspired designers and artists alike with a prominent platform to showcase their work. This breathes new life into the Helsinki fashion and design scene and brings awareness of African Fashion designers to the limelight.

Caroline Leppihalme

Caroline Leppihalme . Very Talented and Hard working with uniqueness of decorating  wedding or any other parties. It has never been this easy, fun and beautiful before! Gorgeous, unique, high quality decoration packages and accessories for children’s parties now for hire in greater Helsinki.

DeejayNestar Jason

DeejayNestar, one of the most active Djs in Helsinki. Organised over 15 event in 2019, keeping the community entertained. Been active promoting and helping to make known the afro-carabbean culture and music  in Finland by organizing events.