Our projects

startup afrofinnsEntrepreneurs are frequently thought of as national assets to be cultivated, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent, They are the most valuable players in the economy. Startup Afrofinns is an Afrofinns ry  program that provides support and opportunities to emerging entrepreneurs, foster the development of new skills and unlock their potential to contribute to a new way of integrating in Finland.  Visit the project’s web page for more details

Word Meetup on wood planksStartup Afrofinns meetup  is designed for everyone, to learn something new about Afro-Finnish business environment and meet someone new. You’ll learn something new from one of our 5x5s, or five presentations of five minutes each. Each presentation is made by experienced people, and they use their time to share a lesson learned, a counter-intuitive finding, or demo a new technology. In our meetups you can also meet with people who started, are starting, or would like to start a business. Gather to network, share advice, discuss strategies and exchange ideas. Every SAM also includes a Community Mic session, where anyone in attendance has a chance to address the entire event to promote themselves, their product, their event, or whatever they want!


hearder2Ihanat kiharat targets kids of mixed heritage, it supports and educates parents/carers with children of black and mixed-race ethnicity; looking to understand the best methods, tools and products for effective hair care. It is a unique blend of demonstrations, hands-on practicals and theory answering all your questions.