Hope Nwosu is a writer, motivational speaker and activist. She believes the pen is mightier than the sword and that men and women should have equal rights irrespective of race or social standing. She champions the cause of the oppressed, particularly that of marginalized African women. Hope Nwosu also speaks on how to make the best out of difficult and bleak situations through faith in God, hard work and a positive disposition. Website:

more of her publications can founds here:

Dorina Owindi

Dorina Owindi’s writing style has been described as deep, intense, intuitive, expressive and thought provoking. Reading her texts evokes introspection; allowing readers to hold space, be and reconnect to the subconscious mind. Her first book Monversation: A journey to healing was first published in 2018 the follow up Monversation: A journey to love has been described as an emotional journey of truth. Her belief that writing can be a healing process has been backed by science studies thus she uses her educational background and passion to coach people into healing writing. Dorina spends her time between Europe and Africa.


Maryan Abdulkarim

Writer, artist and activist
Co-authored ‘Noin 11 myyttiä feminismistä’ with Eveliina Talvie.
Member of The Miracle Workers Collective and screenwriter in Tuffi Films ‘Yksittäistapaus’-project.

Nimco Noor

Nimco Noor : Native of Somalia she promoted local cooperation in many ways. In addition to the Vuosaari Society, Vuotalo, the Youth House and the Vuosaari Council has received an enthusiastic and committed partnership from Nimco.

Book published: GAROOB & GODOB RAGEED