visual Art


Dennis Owusu has outstanding artistic skills in fashion design. He creates custom made unique pieces of high quality clothing. Having showcased his collections in several fashion shows in Helsinki he already made himself a name. His collection is a fusion of beautiful African fabrics with European style cuts. He has already created great awareness about his brand. He is very ambitious and collaborates with various other local artists and brands. Dennis Owusu is a leader for African fashion and design in Finland and a strong role model for other Africans in Finland.

He exhibits excellent communication and creative skills, which he uses to motivate and mobilise community members and promote his brand. His latest collection “Balance Collection” was showcased at Next Century Week at Oodi Library and with newly added items during Night of the Arts at Bites Backyard Fashion show. He participated in the Good Hair Day event at the Cultural Centre Caisa where he raised a lot of interest among the African and Finnish community

He won the AFFH  in 2019

Caroline Suinner

Nominated for her performance in  Artist at work. Artist at Work on neliosainen, kerran viikossa ilmestyvä videosarja, jonka ovat toteuttaneet valo- ja videokuvaaja Uwa Iduozee yhdessä toimittaja Monica Gathuon kanssa. Sarjassa esitellään neljä kiinnostavinta nykytaiteilijaa ja heidän poikkeukselliset menetelmänsä ja temaattiset lähtökohtansa. Sarjan viimeisessä jaksossa tapaamme Caroline Suinnerin, Ruskeiden Tyttöjen Art Directorin, joka on myös itsestäänselvyyksistä kiinnostunut kuvataiteilija.

G . V . E LiL MoF

BA -Mouhamadou Moukhtar a.k.a Lil mof moved to Finland About 2 years ago. He since then got the attention of the Afro-music industry, with is video production work.

Lil mof has since been involved in most of great video produced by the Afro-Finnish community.

arwa Talsi
Marwa Talsi

Espoo based cake baker, Marwa Talsi has been honoring her artistic ideas in making wonderful cakes , Marwa discovered her artistic talents while being a stay home mom.
Marwa’s cakes are work of edible art and hand crafted using the best ingredients and mouth-watering fillings and flavours.
Once you order any celebration cake from CakesbyMarwa be ready to always be wowed and make your special ocassion amazing .


Helsinki rapper Yeboyah releases a visual EP that breaks the stereotype of the Finnish character Elovena.

The EP tells the story of moving from strong role models through self-reflection to breaking the standards of what Finnishness means today.

There is a strong message behind the gentle video.

And representing that so beautifully on a visual platform is just wonderful.

But also, the music and melodies and text carry a strong message.

I am nominating this because of the impact it may have on our young kids, to develop our identity and copy from role models that do not represent them in all aspects.