Young Achiever

Glen Kamara

Glen Kamara is a Finnish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Scottish Premiership club Rangers and the Finland national team. Born in Tampere, Finland into a family of Sierra Leonean descent, Kamara started his career in England in the Southend United youth system before moving to Arsenal in 2012


Pyry Henri Hidipo Soiri is born in 1994 in Tammisaari Finland to a Finnish
mother and Namibian father. He moved to Mozambique with his mother in 1996 where he started his kindergarden in Portuguese and English. Pyry started playing with forboll as soon as learnt to walk. He and his mother lived a few short periods in Punavuori, Helsinki, and he started to kick ball also in Johanneksen kenttä. In 2001 Pyry and his mother moved to Namibia, where he reconnected with his paternal family. He also started his formal
schooling in English at Windhoek International School. By this time Pyry
was playing ball everywhere all the time, and joint also the school’s
football team. From 2002 onwards Pyry also joint PPJ by playing Helsinki
Cup in their team for 5 consequtive years and later two years with Käpylän
Pallo. In 2006 the family moved to Tanzania and Pyry went to International
Scool of Tanganjika. He played football with Nordic men and also trained
with Tanzanian boys coached by English scout. In 2008 Pyry went to
Kantenwein football camp in Karlsruhe, German and in 2009 Mypa summer camp.
When the family moved to Finland in 2010, Pyry joint Mypa and played in
B-juniors SM-league. In 2011 he started to train with A-team and made his
deput in 2012 in Veikkausliiga. He also represented Finland in U19, U20 and
U21 national teams. In 2015 Pyry signed with VPS where he played 2 seasons scoring 10 goals in the second one. 2017 Pyry signed with Shakhtar
Soligorsk Belorus until 2018 August when he was transfered to Admira Wacker Austria. He joint the national A-team in October 2017 as the first
Afrofinnish player. By now he has played 12 matches and made 4 goals. Pyry Hidipo finished his matrics in 2014 and is now fulltime professional
football player.

Awak Kuier

Awak Hiba Kuier (born 19 August 2001 in Cairo, Egypt) is a Finnish basketball player. Playing as a center, Kuier is bred by the Eagle Game Bears. He is also a Finnish national team player. Kuier was the queen of the Women’s Basketball League in the 2017-2018 season.

In April 2019 Kuier was in Greece winning the World Championship for Schoolchildren on the Mäkelänrinne High School team.

Sara Bejedi

Sara Bejedi was honored as the Most Valuable Player.  Coaches and captains of the women’s basketball clubs selected Sara Bejed, the 18-year-old top prospect, as the best player in the series. The Finnish Champion Game Bears players were awarded in three categories.